Rothböck Textilien GmbH
Rothböck Textilien GmbH


ROTHBÖCK TEXTILES represents design, development and production of high quality upholstery fabrics. Latest electronic jacquard and dobby weaving systems allow the development of sophisticated fabrics. Unique fantasy yarns can be created with the in-house twisting machine. These yarns allow the development of unique upholstery fabrics providing interesting structures and appearances.


Flexibility, latest machinery and an outstanding development work are the strengths of ROTHBÖCK TEXTILES. The mill has a capacity of approximately 20,000 running meters per month. These conditions allow international presence. Presently the following industries and markets are supplied:

  • Interiors Industry: High quality upholstery fabrics are developed and produced for leading interior distributors in the USA and Japan.

  • Cruise Ship Industry: Upholstery fabrics providing IMO certification are produced mainly for cruise liners and river cruise ships.

  • Hotel Industry: Particularly in Austria custom TREVIRA CS fabrics are developed for leading wholesalers.